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"Knowledge growth resources" page

(Job skills & resources)

Here you can find professional, fascinating and informative content where you can acquire new knowledge and master new skills in order to help you in your educational or work life. There will be posts such as different job positions and competences needed for them, motivational posts to build up your self confidence, to become a more successful or productive person etc. In addition you can also read about blogging skills, how to prepare for a job interview, how to deal with financial difficulties and many more useful posts. My purpose in this page is to help people to expand their knowledge and use this page as a tool to achieve a happier life which of course includes a good education and to eventually obtain their dream job. Having unique skills, qualifications and abilities is a good start but you also need to be ambitious, have passion, believe in yourself and to especially be a genuine person. If you can’t be honest with others then not only will your life be difficult because you are not free to be who you are but you will also lose the trust and respect from people. Authenticity is something that needs to be treasured and you mustn’t ever be afraid of what people think about you. Sharing my experience with you I found that from being myself not only did I gain more respect from the people I worked with but also I felt more confident and stronger as a person. We all deserve to feel fulfilled in our life and by starting to accept and appreciate who we really are, we can make our work experience more real and complete. 

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