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6 Efficient ways to keep your cat happy indoors

Would you like to give your feline friend the best life you can offer them? Discover here the most efficient ways to offer them that happy life that they deserve.

Cats have been for centuries considered by the Egyptians special magical creatures who would bring luck and protection to whoever would give them a home. They were so special that the wealthy families would dress them in jewels and if anyone would ever kill a cat on purpose or even by mistake they would be sentenced to death. These amazing animals though are not important to us because of the myths or their history but because they hold a special place in our heart and they bring happiness and warmth in our home. Let's discover their world and learn more about them.

  • Keep your cat happy by buying a " Climbing up tree" or a " Cat tower"! Climbing up is one of the most favourite activities for our feline friends. They amaze us with their incredible balance doing all sort of acrobatic jumps and walking on narrow spaces such as fences and windows sills. Their tail is what helps them to counterbalance having that shocking equilibrium and it is also an extension of their spine. But the surprising news is that cats can live without their tail too! If your cat needs to have their tail removed due to an injury they can live without it but as the tail is an extension of the their spine they need time to adapt. Beside cats can use their ears instead to compensate for their tail loss.

  • Keep water clean and change spots often! Cats have the feline instinct to search for things and they would love to seek out some nice fresh water. In my particular experience I find cats to be particularly fussy and picky and this explains some of their interesting behaviour: have you ever seen your cat drinking from the kitchen tap? Or drinking from your glass or from some source of water outside the house? This is because cats like to have fresh clean water and they don't like to drink from water which has been left in their bowl all day. They were treated like gods in the past so it's no wonder they expect so much!

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  • Keep their claws healthy! Getting your cat a "Cat scratch post activity pole" will keep them happy as cats have the need to scratch to keep their claws in good condition. Unless you want them to climb up to your curtains or on your furniture! That would be entertaining to see but poor curtains and furniture! As they get older though they will need you to trim their claws. Cats use their claws to help them balance, defend their bearer and climb. So looking after them is a way to make your cat happy and keep them healthy.

  • Have you ever seen your cat carrying food out of their bowl? The reason is because cat's whiskers are fitted with sensors which they make them aware of the space around them. So when they take the food out of the bowl it is because the bowl is too narrow and they experience discomfort. Ensuring that you cat's bowl is big enough so that their whiskers can fit in it will make their feeding time experience better. Having a ceramic bowl is also the best way to make sure that they enjoy their food. Bowls made of plastic and metal are not ideal as the plastic ones can build up bacteria overtime and the metal ones tend to oxidise. Cats are very fussy animals and they will detect that. Lastly another reason why cats carry their food outside of their bowl is because maybe the bowl has been placed in a very busy area with people passing by, lots of noise etc Cats like their privacy and their quiet time especially whilst they are eating so giving that peace and quiet corner to them is very important.

  • Give them the time to clean themselves and respect their privacy. Cats spend half of the day grooming and they love to do that for many reasons: to keep themselves cool, to relax and improve their blood circulation. An interesting factor is that by cleaning themselves they don't just keep their coat nice and clean but they maintain their body warm. In fact by licking themselves they distribute their natural oils which keep their coat in great condition and keep it warm.

  • Cats are very territorial and they show that by scratching or rubbing. Unfortunately there are two other ways how cats mark their territory and that is by spraying and urinating. These are not very pleasant but in order to keep ourselves and our feline friend happy we need to understand what is the real reason behind it. There many factors that can lead cats to urinate or spray on our sofa, walls or on any other furniture piece. This includes cats that haven´t been neutered or spayed, they have a medical condition which stops them using the litter box and they will start to use the shower tub, sink or any other places suitable to them. One well known reason is that it can be caused by stress: cats like humans, can also become stressed with a change of environment, people arguing, moving to a different country, an unknown cat accessing your garden, a new baby or pet in the house or any other factors which we don’t even think about but that can actually stress our loving pet. Urinating and spraying are their ways to communicate with you that they are stressed and for you to understand the reason behind it is the best way to give some comfort to our feline friend.


Aug 07, 2020

Yes, that is right! Cats personalities can vary a lot and that can be very interesting ☺


Very helpful advice for those inviting a kitten into a loving home.I have 3 cat's and they are all very different in their personalities.

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