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Best gift ideas for Christmas & for other special occasions

Are you struggling to find the right present for someone? Do you feel that your present ideas will not meet their expectations? Have you got to buy a gift for someone who is difficult to buy for? Here you’ll find many present ideas for every type of person suiting all different kinds of budgets and for any special occasion. I will also recommend some of my favourite shops but bear in mind that I live in the UK.

Let’s start with a gift list ideas for her (including adults and teenagers):

  • A smart watch

  • A journal or a 2021 diary

  • A piece of jewellery such as a necklace, bracelet, a pair of earrings or a ring

  • A keyring to style your handbag or to use to hold your house/work/car keys

  • A perfume (my favourites are “La vie est belle” from Lancôme and “Libre” from Yves Saint Laurent). Debenhams is the best shop on where to buy perfumes as it doesn’t just have good offers (especially with a gift set) but you will also receive an extra gift (extra products to try) and some more fragrances samples.

  • A bath set

  • A book (you could buy a novel, knowledge/business book or a cooking book)

  • A fitness video (a yoga, ballet, Pilates or just a fitness workout)

  • A purse or handbag (my favourite shops are Accessorize and River Island).

  • A handmade mug or one of my favourites “the heat changing constellation mug”

  • An engraved pen

  • A lovely housewarming gift (such as a set of candles, a personalised photo collage canvas, a cushion, apron, kitchen towels etc.)

  • A tech gift for gadgets lovers such as a laptop, a tablet, a mobile phone, earphones,headphones etc.

  • A plant

  • A scarf, jumper, coat or a pair of nice warm socks or gloves

  • A makeup set

  • A camera

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Gift ideas for him (including adults and teenagers):

  • A smart watch

  • A razor

  • A shirt, a tie, a belt, a jumper or a pair of socks or gloves

  • An aftershave or a bath set

  • A tech gift for gadgets lovers such as a laptop, a tablet, a mobile phone, a desktop smartphone arm etc.

  • A book (you could buy a novel, knowledge/business book or a cooking book)

  • A pair of shoes

  • A watch

  • A musical instrument

  • A wallet

  • A golf ball finding glasses

  • A pair of foam sleepers

  • A neck or back massager

  • An organiser

  • A pair of glasses

  • A tool set

  • A Buddha board

  • A puzzle

  • A phantom labyrinth

  • A calendar

  • An electric scooter

Gift ideas for children (some toys depend on child age)

  • A soft toy

  • A kids night light projector

  • A scooter or bike

  • A tablet, headphones

  • A video game

  • An interactive glow t-shirt

  • A video game or a dvd

  • A LEGO creator

  • A remote control illuminated moon

  • A colouring or painting kit

  • A watch

  • Clothes (a pair of gloves, a hat, a jumper, a pair of trousers etc.)

  • A science kit

  • A paracord bracelet kit

  • A cool clock

  • A glow pad

These are only some of the gift ideas that I would like to share with you in this post and of course some of the women’s present ideas are also suitable for men or vice versa.

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