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How to lose weight, get toned and feel amazing

Would you like to wake up every morning feeling great, in shape and full of energy? Losing weight is not just about looking slimmer and having a toned body but you also want to feel good and energetic every single day. Many women and men feel intimidated in starting a new healthy diet as we all love our desserts or a tasty sauce on our meals! Personally I believe that to be fit and healthy you don’t have to miss out on the foods you enjoy but you just need to control the daily portion and have a balance. Let me just give you some really good tips on how to lose weight and also to have a strong lean toned body.

Drink plenty of water! Water is well known to minimise hunger especially if you have a glass 30 minutes before a meal. It gives you a feeling of fullness and because of that you’ll end up eating less during your meals and less snacks in between. Other important factors to bear in mind are the calories consumed in your body while you´re active or resting and it helps to burn fat. Lastly water helps the body promote digestion as it gets rid of waste. If you feel bloated and full after a meal it means that your body is struggling to digest something that you ate during the day and that can add some extra inches to your waist.

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My favourite tip is to keep active!

What I mean by that is not just doing 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise a day but also to keep active throughout the day. We were not meant to sit every day for hours and hours because that not only can makes us gain weight but can also cause bad posture, weakness of muscles and bones, slow down our digestive system and affect our lifespan. There are many things that you can do to minimise how long you sit in a day such as if you live and work in a building take the stairs instead of the lift, walk instead of catching the bus or driving there (if you don’t live too far), stand up instead of sitting down during a bus ride, exercise or do some stretching whilst watching TV etc. As you can see it is also about being creative and thinking of different things you must have to have a more active lifestyle!

Chew your food! The most important part of digesting our food in an effective way is to start from how many times you chew your food. The average times you should masticate your food is an average of 32 times. The reason why losing weight is connected with chewing your food properly is because by improving your digestive process you’ll be less likely to feel bloated. Don’t forget that saliva plays an important role too not just by helping to break down the food but also to extract the highest amount of nutrients. Lastly by eating slower you are going to feel full faster and less likely to be hungry afterwards so therefore you will be eating less through the day!

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Laugh a lot! It has been proven from various researches that laughter can help you lose weight as it causes the heart to beat faster promoting blood circulation around the body. It is almost like a cardio workout and of course it will burn a good amount of calories and plus who doesn’t like to have a laugh every now and then!

Manage and reduce stress! Stress can be a number one killer in our society and it can bring lots of health problems. One of them is that it makes us gain weight as when we are stressed we tend to reach for sweets, chocolate etc. as they don’t just taste nice but they also supply us with quick energy. This energy though, is stored in our abdominal area and it is difficult to get rid of. So before you go for something sugary to eat just replace it with something nice to do such as reading your favourite magazine, doing something creative or relaxing, watching your favourite movie etc. The reason why I would personally suggest that is because when you are stressed you are looking for a “pick me up” and usually people would go for something nice to eat. So next time you know what you could do instead and I hope that it will work for you as it did for me!

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Don’t skip breakfast! Some people are not able to have something to eat first thing in the morning so they usually think that skipping breakfast is fine. The truth is that if you skip breakfast what is going to happen is that you are more likely to snack during the morning and overeat during lunch time

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Don’t buy too much junk food! We can all have a sweet a day and this is fine but you must not exaggerate and go over the top. If you buy, for example, lots of snacks such as chocolate, sweets, desserts, ice-cream, croissants, biscuits etc. you’ll see them in your kitchen cupboard every day and end up eating them all! Just buy a smaller quantity and discipline yourself to have just one dessert a day. Your body needs vitamin and proteins in order to keep healthy and to have that stamina needed to keep yourself active and not feeling tired. Lastly another good example is the sauces that we like to add to our meals. You don’t have to forbid yourself in having that delicious sauce but maybe just try using a healthier option or a sauce made from fresh ingredients as an alternative to one that contains a high amount of fats or which lacks of nutrients. I personally like to have my pasta dishes with freshly cooked vegetables, herbs and garlic. Absolutely delicious! A bit of cheese doesn’t hurt though but don’t over exaggerate!

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Sep 04, 2020

Thank you Javier for the lovely comment! I replied two days ago to this message but noticed today that didn't go through 😅 so I wrote it again! 😊 I am glad that you are enjoying my content and if you have a suggestion for my future posts please let me know! 🤩


Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez
Sep 02, 2020

You never miss on inspiring us all with really helpful tips. The last smoothie recipe was delicious.

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