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Secrets of longevity and how to look and feel younger

Would you like to feel young, strong and happier everyday in your life? Do you wish to look healthier and younger? If your answer is yes than you are reading the right post! Everyone has a dream or few dreams in their life and one of mine is to live over 100 years old and still being healthy and active as I am now.. But we all would like to look and feel younger than our actual age and in this post I am going to share with you not just what you have already heard but also my main secret on how to keep my youth and stamina.

Go out in nature! Going for walks into park or anywhere where you will be surrounded by trees, flowers, grass will have great benefits on your overall health and well-being. You will get plenty of Vitamin D which may prevent heart problems, osteoporosis and cancer. It will improve your memory, reduce inflammation and help you to have more energy throughout the day.

Have a flattering hairstyle or haircut! Looking after your hair is very important because it reflects who you are. Having some layers, a fringe, sometimes even thickening it by giving it some volume or cutting it all one length can give your hairstyle a youthful look! Of course don't forget to use a good shampoo and conditioner preferably organic and apply a small amount of serum while your hair is still dump. Serum helps you to protect your hair from pollution giving your hair a shinier and healthier look. To add, applying some oil to the ends of your hair will nourish it and keep it in good shape.

If you can get a pet dogs, cats and any other domestic animals are not just good company but they will keep you more active not just by going outdoors but also by playing with them and looking after them. They can also bring lots of health benefits such as lowering your stress and cholesterol level. Sometimes by just stroking my dog I feel so much happier and relaxed.

Drink lots of water 🥛🥛🥛 Around 60% of our body is made of water so there is no wonder why it is crucial that everyday we drink plenty of it. Water is one of the main keys for longevity. It keeps your skin healthy, it improves cellulite, it will stop you over eating by reducing the amount of cravings, it helps your body performance, it flushes your system of toxins reducing any skin issues and the production of acne. Also the quantity of water in our body decreases with age so it is very important to keep dehydrated.

Have a good night sleep! Sleeping for at least 7 hours a night has many positive effects on your health and a great impact on your skin. It has also been proved by many researchers that not sleeping enough hours can reduce your life years. Personally when I sleep I can function better, I am more productive and energetic, I feel happier and fitter for the day ahead. Sleeping time needed can also vary according to your lifestyle, climate, what activities you do in a day and also from your overall health.

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Be around people that make you feel good and happy! It is very important that, especially in our free time, we spend it with positive people who inspire us, encourage us and where we feel relaxed and comfortable around them. If we lack support and positive energy around us, that will affect our well being and it will not just affect us internally but it will also show externally.

Don't be in a job that makes you feel unhappy, unappreciated and undervalued. And more of a reason if you don't love it! I am aware that especially during a pandemic it can be difficult to find a job and also because before leaving it we have to make sure that we can pay at least the bills, food and some other primary things. I have recently left my job as everyday it made me feel depressed and affected my health. I felt very stressed and I thought that no one in this world deserves to waste their life and energy in a place where they can't be themselves, where they don´t get treated right and especially where there is no passion. Stress is the number one killer these days and it will bring many health issues if not dealt with, it will affect your skin negatively as you will age quicker and you will have a tired look on your face. Also we can forget about having a long happy life! 🙄 If you are thinking to leave your job make sure that someone like a family member, a partner can help you if you can´t support yourself alone. I never had to leave a job under these circumstances but making the right step can really change your life around and make you a stronger person.

Eat a healthy diet! There are many different delicious dishes that you can have to make your diet interesting and good for you. Being Italian I personally include almost everyday pasta in my cuisine. I also have pizza once a week ( very important that it is thin base and add fresh ingredients). Of course make sure that you cook authentic Italian pasta dishes as they usually contain lots of vegetables ( especially avocado, beans and tomatoes), fresh herbs, seafood and cheeses. Bare in mind that it is all healthy but in moderate quantity and make sure that your pasta dishes don't contain heavy high fat sauces. To add, including fruit, nuts, olive oil and drinking plenty of water will complete your healthy diet. The good news is that it is fine to have a small dessert daily as long as the rest of the food we eat contains vitamins, proteins and all the good nutrients that the body needs.

Exfoliate, moisture, protect and massage your skin daily! In particular face, neck, hands and feet are the areas which will show more sign of fatigue and ageing, so they do need extra care in comparison to other areas of the body. Using natural ingredients will give better results than using artificial products. The vegan and organic range is what I would personally use. Some of the creams, oils and exfoliating scrubs can be pricey but if you shop around you can either find them on sale or at a reasonable price.

  • Brush your teeth properly and after every meal. A bright white looking smile is one of the best signs of youth and good health so it is very important that we treasure that by looking after it. Cleaning your teeth 3 times a day and flossing regularly will promote healthy gums and teeth. Especially with ageing, teeth naturally discolour and to whiten them I personally advise to use organic charcoal as it is an efficient and natural way to keep your teeth appearing brighter.

Energy is the key to open the door of youth

  • My main secret to keep young is "energy". If you look for example at children, they are very active and it is very unlikely that they will keep still for long . As an adult though that can give you enormous advantages: if you are always active most of the day it will give you lots of health benefits such as improving blood circulation, burn calories, have stronger bones, joints and muscles, lower your blood pressure and lower your cholesterol level. Also if you feel energetic you can be more efficient in getting more things done in a day. You could be more productive not just in work but also at home. If you are energetic you will have more stamina in expanding your knowledge such as doing an online course, reading an educational or skill book, learning a new language, going for an evening class learning a new skill. Also you can learn more by doing something physical such as joining a dancing , Pilates or yoga class or a sport activity. You can also grow your knowledge by getting to know how your body works and what you can personally do with it. You could really be amazed! Lastly if you are energetic and keep busy you are more likely to feel happier, have more ideas, feel healthier and fit. How do I keep "energetic" everyday? Plenty of sleep, good healthy diet, never get lost in negative thoughts, go for walks, keep yourself motivated by doing something you love everyday, have some relaxing time every day even if it is only for 10 minutes (meditating, a silent moment, drawing, painting, colouring, journaling and anything else that gives you a feeling of relaxation) and smile 😊 (even if you feel sad if you smile it will make you feel better)!

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Sep 06, 2020

Grazie Benita! Adesso solo ho visto questo commento! Grazie sempre per il tuo appoggio! 😊


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Jul 29, 2020

Bella la natura e seguire i tuoi consigli 😀

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