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What are the amazing benefits of ballet classes for children?

There are many benefits of ballet for children such as improved flexibility, coordination, social skills, focus and agility. It’s a fun discipline where children gain knowledge by learning new steps/routines and French language terminology. It helps them to build up self-confidence, make new friends and be disciplined. Let’s discover this beautiful art and all the benefits that it can offer!

It enhances creativity & imagination

A ballet dance can tell a story where the children can impersonate a character and be someone else different to who they are. Through that they can gain some acting skills and learn different emotions and feelings. They can also become more creative by pushing themselves to become better dancers and through self-expression. In addition, including some cross training which will consist of using tools such as ribbons, balls, yoga boxes can really help to bring more creativity into the ballet world.

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Improves focus

Regular weekly ballet classes can help increase your child’s focus & memory together with improving cognitive and learning abilities. In each ballet class they will be enhancing their focus by learning new steps, routines, how to keep a good posture, dance to music and work on coordination. Considerable improvement will not only be noticed during ballet sessions but also in other things like homework, instructions given by their parents, school games and activities etc.

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Develops self-discipline

Learning new positions, how to take good care of their own tools/ballet gear/accessories or how to look after the academy’s equipment (scarves, yoga mat, yoga box, ribbons etc) and showing up regularly to their lessons, will teach children self-discipline. Children will also learn that every class will start with a series of dynamic stretches or yoga exercises to warm up their muscles. This is to ensure that the body is ready for more challenging steps/routines and avoid injuries. Lastly, respecting their teachers, other students and adhering to the academy etiquette are all things which are taught to the children and help to contribute to self-discipline.

Release tension and stress

Even though parents don’t like to think of their children as being stressed, this does happen for many different reasons: preparation for the school’s exams, separation anxiety, big changes in the family, bullying etc. Dancing in general releases neurotransmitters and endorphins (or so called happy hormones).

Teaches teamwork

During ballet classes children enjoy interacting with other children, play and create a friendship. Dancing is a great way to help them to feel more comfortable in communicating with each other and overcome shyness through sharing their common passion and interest for ballet.

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Makes them more resilient and build up self-confidence

It’s difficult to learn all the ballet steps and combinations and children have to be very strong in overcoming the obstacles and understand that mistakes can happen. It’s with all the hard work and patience that they will be able to see that even the tougher ballet routine or steps can be learnt. Ballet also improves self-confidence as for example when a child finally can perform a pirouette or can remember the arms and feet positions, that will give them confidence as they will feel proud with themselves. Let’s not forget that children especially like to show to their parents, other family members, friends etc what they have learnt during their ballet classes.

It brings enormous benefits to children with ADHD

I’ve personally learnt through reading different articles and books that children with ADHD only seem to excel in the activities which they really enjoy doing and which they usually require movement. I personally never agreed on how long children, teenagers or students in general have to sit down for a long period of time as it’s not particularly healthy. Ballet is an amazing discipline, which requires lots of stamina and energy and it’s perfect for hyperactive children as it uses up their energy.

I also came across this really good article which has been written by Gianna Bartolini from Dance Plug where she said “Self-regulation, emotional release, along with physical and mental engagement are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what can be gained from dance classes for children with ADHD”. I couldn’t agree more with that.

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