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What does an interior decorator do & skills needed

Are you into home decorating and interior design? Would you like to become an interior decorator or is it home decorating something that you just enjoy doing as a hobby. Of course if you are looking to have a career in this field you’ll need to study the basics of interior design, gain experience and you can also do courses and gain a certificate if you would like to do so. So let’s find out in this post about what interior decorators do on a daily basis, which skills and qualities are required and much more about this amazing job.

What’s an interior decorator?

An Interior decorator is someone who designs the overall look of a room and beautifies a space with décor items, furniture and finishes making the interior aesthetically pleasant. They don’t make structural or functional changes and they don’t usually focus on health and safety, building codes and on environmental impact like interior designers do.That’s not to say that an interior decorator can’t be a good interior designer. It really all depends on the professional experience and skills and not on the job title. Some interior decorators have amazing sketching skills which some Interior Designers don’t have.

What exactly do interior decorators do?

  • Create mood boards including sample materials, paint colours and images of rooms of the style/look which they aim to go for, then the finishes and fabrics get approved from the clients.

  • Advice the clients on trends, interior styles, décor, accessories and furniture.

  • Select furniture, paint colours, accessories, finishes and textiles such as upholstery and rugs.

  • Procurement (Purchase furniture, ornaments or any other decorative items needed for the client).

  • Turn a client brief into a vision/design for them.

  • On occasion, provide painting service or other decorating services.

  • Design (sometimes make) and supply window treatments, fabric and cushions.

  • Manage schedules, deadlines and budgets to meet client expectations.

  • They sometimes provide sketches to communicate the idea of the layout/space to the client.

  • Rearrange the room/space on their own or occasionally with the client.

  • They make sure that subcontractors finish their work according to schedule and try to avoid causing any unnecessary inconvenience to the client.

Who do interior decorators work/collaborate with?

They usually work with upholsterers, painters, furniture makers, carpenters, decorators, floor refinishers and other industry professionals.

Which skills/qualities do they need to possess?

  • Excellent negotiation & interpersonal skills

  • Have creative & artistic abilities

  • Are able to handle stressful situations

  • Manage schedules and work to deadline & budget by ensuring that subcontractors complete their work according to schedule

  • Good communication & listening skills

  • A basic understanding of Interior Design

  • Being able to sketch is not necessary but definitely a bonus and helps with the visualisation

  • Have an eye for details and go the extra mile to meet the client's expectations

  • Good planning & organisation skills

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You have a natural talent for interior design and a great skill. I wish you could have designed the interior of my place. If I move I will definately be calling you to design the interior for me! ✔️

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