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Why do I feel extremely unmotivated & with no energy all the time

Do you feel most of the days or everyday sad, depressed and tired? Are you looking to boost your energy? Would you like to wake up everyday looking forward to starting a new day? If your answer is yes to all the above questions then this is the right post for you to read. The main reason why we usually feel tired is because we are not looking after ourselves and in order to feel energetic and good everyday we need to take care of our body and mind. But there might be some emotional, financial or personal issues that we have to deal with so let me talk you through on what these are and also tips on how to boost your energy level.

As mentioned previously, some of the reasons why we feel so exhausted or demotivated everyday could be found in many aspects of our life. Let’s start with our physical health and find out if we are nourishing our body with the right nutrients:

  • Iron deficiency: if our daily iron intake is low, it can cause tiredness and dizziness. This is because if our body doesn’t have sufficient supply of iron, it can’t create enough blood cells. The main function of those is to carry oxygen to the lungs and to every other part of our body. Some of the foods which contain high levels of iron are lentils, eggs, quinoa, shellfish, dark green leafy vegetables (for example spinach, kale and beet greens), nuts, iron-fortified cereals and many more. We have to make sure that we also eat the food that helps with absorption of this amazing mineral like for example vitamin C and any food containing calcium.

  • Water: I have previously mentioned in many of my posts the importance of water for maintaining a good and strong health. But one important fact which I never mentioned is that when we don’t drink enough water our body becomes dehydrated and it will start to take water from the blood. This will cause lack of oxygen which eventually will make you feel dizzy and tired and can also cause other problems like low blood pressure and headaches.

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency: this vitamin will enhance your energy and it is a great way to beat fatigue. You can find it in foods such as fish, shellfish, eggs, cheese but if you’re Vegan you could get it from fortified cereals, seaweed and plant milk (almond, coconut, soy and rice). We have to make sure though that we also eat the food that helps us to absorb this amazing vitamin like for example vitamin C.

  • Too much sugar in your diet: sugar is a very important source of energy and eating too little of it can make you feel fatigued. However, consuming too much of it will make you feel tired and cause lots of health problems.

  • Magnesium: this mineral is essential to maintain normal muscle and nerve function and to provide your body with energy. This is why it is great to lower the risk of fatigue and to keep your energy level throughout the day. You can find magnesium in pumpkin seeds, avocados. almonds, fish, black beans, broccoli, spinach, soy beans, brown rice and so many other types of food. Which food has the highest level of magnesium? According to the latest research it is pumpkin seeds. They are also high in fibre, antioxidants and they help to lower blood sugar levels too.

  • Eating small meals throughout the day is important to avoid feeling fatigued. Have you ever noticed feeling tired after eating a larger meal? That’s because when for example we have a big lunch, our stomach size increases pushing against other organs around it making us feeling tired, bloated and uncomfortable. I personally like to eat small meals and often which also goes well with my active life.

Being overwhelmed with things to do: it is often seen that every single day we do more than what we can handle which causes us to be stressed. Most importantly though is that we lose consistency in what we do and this is what happens when we get overwhelmed. If we either have a big task at work or if we have an avalanche of chores to do, taking small steps is crucial. What I mean by that is, that sometimes we can’t expect to complete a huge difficult task in one day or that we can’t finish all our chores in a small amount of time so it is essential to prioritise. If our mind is full, it will be unable to focus and get things done so what we do is to empty our brain by writing down in a notebook or journal all the tasks that we need to do in the day. Then we start with 3 of the important/urgent tasks that we need to do and the rest will follow. If by the end of the day you don’t end up finishing all of them it will not matter as at least the main/most urgent ones were done :)

Sometimes when we feel tired we believe that having a nap or a very long sleep will make us feel better. But that might not be the solution because there could be a bigger problem there. Sometimes what we are looking for is some peace away from the deeper darkest thoughts from our past, from the nightmares that we keep having and from the faces and voices of the people that hurt us the most. If you ever feel bad to keep your distance from someone who’s hurting you then please understand that we don’t do it because we are bad people but because if we don’t, it could destroy us. Also you can’t love and respect the people in your life if you don’t love and respect yourself. So, if you are feeling lifeless and without no energy it could be that you are mentally and emotionally distressed.

Having a goodnight sleep: sleeping 7-9 hours a day (for an adult) is crucial for maintaining good health but sleeping too much can actually make you feel tired as that disrupts your body’s biological clock. This is why hitting the snooze button of your alarm is not a good idea. Also it is important to have a good quality sleep, such as not waking up during the night, sleeping in a good comfortable bed, making sure that our pyjamas are comfortable and that the room temperature is not too hot or too cold.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and found it useful. If you need to ask any questions or have ideas for any future posts please feel free to contact me, email me directly to or leave a comment down below. Also don't forget to subscribe if you don't want to miss any of the future posts and have free access to premium content!

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