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I've been spending most of my life wondering what it would have been like living the perfect happy life: not the one that the rest of the world is living and definitely not the one that I was imposed to.

So I thought "Let's design my dream life and let's make it happen"

Forest in the Winter

Hi , 

my name is Melania

I am a content creator, ballet teacher and a photographer. 

 I love to think of life as a piece of art which needs to be sculpted and designed in the way we desire. We all have a dream life which we would like to achieve but in order to do that we need to find ourselves. Finding your own self can be a long tough road but what matters is not the destination but the journey.

It's in this journey which we will experience our personal growth and expand our knowledge by discovering new skills and potential that we didn’t even know we possessed.

Life Branches Mc is my own creation to help people to find their inner self and to use it as a resource to broaden their knowledge and find who they are. 

Plant and Book

Life Branches MC

Welcome to Life Branches Mc, my space on the internet designed to be a resource for knowledge, inspiration, personal growth, fitness, well-being and most importantly a guide on how to find your true strong inner self.

Life Branches Mc is a book with well-presented pages such as Fitness & Lifestyle, Mindspace Ballet Academy, Knowledge Growth Resources and an exclusive Italian page Articoli Stile di Vita. These pages represent the branches of a tree, the tree is life and they are meant to guide you in achieving the life that you always wanted and have the freedom to be your true self by gaining self-confidence & knowledge.

The Fitness & Lifestyle page includes stretching & strengthening videos of my New YouTube Channel 'FreeMindFit' which if practised consistently will make a significant improvement on your overall health & fitness level. In this page you’ll also find everything about how to take care of your overall health and fitness, diet tips and ideas, motivational posts, interior decorating and innovation, life challenges and so much more engaging and unique content. In the Mindspace Ballet Academy page you'll find all the information about my ballet academy and posts on the ballet discipline, highlighting the benefits of ballet for children, how to create and maintain a fit body, how to increase your level of flexibility, agility and performance as a dancer and all different careers which can be pursued in the dance world. The Knowledge Growth Resources” page will offer a wide amount of information on careers and the skills needed to perform well in your job and increase productivity. The last page Articoli Stile di Vita is a door to the Italian world where you will be able enjoy reading some of the Life Branches Mc most read articles in the Italian language.

It will be great to create a lovely community where I’d like to also learn from, so please feel free to leave any comments or contact me.



My name is Melania


I've started ballet at 21 years old and I've practiced yoga for 14 years. I've also done other activities such as Pilates, contortionism, tap, artistic & rhythmic gymnastics, jazz, group latino dancing etc.

Starting dancing at an older age has not been easy for many different reasons but as I was not given this opportunity in my chidhood/teenage years, I was not prepared to completely give it up even if I had to train most of the days to be the best dancer I could be. I also always had a passion for flexibility & strength in general and this is why I fell in love with yoga and contortionism.

Everyday I still work really hard to improve these skills and believe in myself. When I started this jourmey, with no support, it is that that made me consistent, resilient & determined in my training. I want to share my knowledge, passion and advice to anyone who wants to improve their overall health and are looking to gain more flexibility, strength and balance in their own body & mind.

Please feel free to contact me directly via 

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Pages to discover 

Interiors & Deco

Melania Cestari Photography

Mindspace Ballet Academy

Mindspace Ballet Academy

Fitness & Lifestyle

Knowledge & Resource

Stile di vita

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