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Mindspace Ballet Academy

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Beginner/Intermediate Adult class

Saturday       9.30-10.30 am

Children class (from age 4)

Saturday       11.15am -12 pm


About the classes

The classes are designed to build the ultimate lean toned ballet dancer body, improve posture, increase flexibility and strength whilst having lots of fun. Every class starts with a Yoga/Pilates warm-up session followed by barre, centre work and cross training to ensure a more balanced, fitter body & promote creativity and imagination. Some of the cross training includes rhythmic gymnastics and contortionism. The classes are for all levels, abilities and ages.

“Ballet is the closest thing to magic” and I definitely couldn’t agree more with this. I once came across this quote and I thought back to the moment when I started my dancing journey at the age of 21 and how it saved me. I have overcome so many obstacles and had so many disappointments in my life and I needed something to make me dream again, to give me hope, energy and to begin to believe in myself especially when no one believed in me. Thanks to some of the wonderful teachers that I had and to my amazing partner who everyday supported me I was able to push myself as a dancer and to finally qualify as a ballet teacher and open my ballet academy. Training in different schools, learning different styles and also taking classes in some other disciplines such as gymnastics, yoga, Pilates and contortionism, I came to the conclusion that, in my ballet academy, I would have preferred to teach ballet following my own method. So far it has been an amazing experience and I so much enjoy teaching my students and not only sharing my knowledge with them but also pushing them into becoming the best dancers they can be. 

Explore the “Ballet page” where you can enjoy many ballet articles but also some of the other disciplines which can be used as cross training. Here you’ll be able to find tips about ballet technique, diet, lifestyle, inspirational posts, how to increase your flexibility, how to improve your posture, your turnout and so many more. So if you love dancing, you want to be a professional dancer or you just want to do ballet for fun and keep fit, start to explore the intriguing and informative “Ballet page” on the Life Banches Mc site!

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Ballet articles 

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