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Best tips on how to get a flexible, strong and healthy back

Do you have back pain most days? Do you spend most of your days sitting down? Are you aware of your posture throughout the day? The majority of people in the UK suffer from back pain along with shoulder and neck pain. This is due to a sedentary life, bad postural habits and stressful situations caused by everyday life challenges and work/personal problems. Let’s start by listing down below some of the most popular reasons on why we people suffer from backache:

  • Being in the same position for a long time

  • Doing repetitive movements

  • Poor posture

  • Operating heavy equipment

  • Slouching, crunching & stooping

  • Excess weight

  • Continuous bending and heavy lifting

  • Working behind capability

  • Over stretching (particularly if you have not warmed up)

  • Driving for a long time (especially with no breaks)

  • Lack of exercise

  • Stress

  • Smoking

  • Do any unaccustomed activity or movement

  • Tension

  • Fatigue

Back pain can bring numerous problems in our life but people still underestimate it and continue with their life until the pain gets unbearable and they are unable to function normally.

Low back pain is responsible for a high number of missed work days per year and according to SART (sickness absence recording tool) “It’s currently the largest reported reason for sickness absence in the UK”. So it’s definitely something to be concerned about especially because if not dealt with, it can bring more serious problems such as sciatica, piriformis syndrome, muscle and ligament strains, sacroiliac joint dysfunction etc. If you’re not dealing with any of these, it is very possible that your back pain becomes chronic over time.

In the course of my life, I personally experienced that lack of self care, life balance and not being emotionally resilient is the root of this problem.

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Things you could do to release tension and avoid back pain:

  • Yoga, Pilates and meditation

  • Exercising

  • Being active most of the day

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

  • Strengthen your core muscles (they help to support your back)

  • If you usually work seated long hours at the desk, use a cushioned chair (preferably an ergonomic one if you have the option)

  • Attend a few Alexander Technique classes

  • Buy good comfortable shoes which are cushioned & support the foot arch

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The back is very strong and if you have any injuries usually it can improve within 1-6 weeks unless it is a serious injury, in this case, it can take up to several months to fully recover. However, it’s very important to remember to look after your back, for example, by treating yourself to a deep tissue massage or a Swedish one by staying mobile but also having some relaxation time and eating healthy.

Lastly don’t forget that your spine has 120 muscles and this is why with some constant and good training it can become really supple. Increasing your back flexibility can not only improve your health and make everyday tasks easier but it can also give you amazing abilities like contortionism.

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