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Best New Year resolutions for 2024

A new year… a new start...a new you! Would you like to make significant positive changes this year? Are you looking to have a happier, more organised and productive life? Would you like to reset your daily habits? What about ideas for new year resolutions? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place. Here you’ll find plenty of tips to have a great new start!

I personally like to divide my goals into different categories as that helps me to better prioritise, focus and increase intensity. Let’s check them out down below:

Self growth goals

I like to splits this particular one into 3 different categories:

Educational goals

Learn something new this year like a foreign language, read a book, acquire new skills such as drawing, painting, playing the piano and expand your overall knowledge. At the same time you could also learn a new skill and improve your fitness level by taking dance yoga, Pilates, swimming, gymnastics classes and any other physical activities. Anything which is designed to expand our knowledge has numerous benefits, can also be inexpensive and it may help us to overcome some bad habits. A good example is reading a book before going to bed instead of checking social media. Reading before you sleep helps you fall asleep quicker as it reduces stress and clears the mind. Lastly it has been proven that reading in general improves your memory skills and increases your lifespan.

Relationship goals

Being loved and loving someone is such a unique feeling and it gives you security, confidence and trust in the world especially as a child. But we don’t always have that. So what do we do when one parent or both parents are emotionally unavailable, narcissistic, abusive, self-centred and uncaring? When your partner or a member of the family abused or is still abusing you? Or when you have given many chances to someone to show that they care about you and they are still absent? My answer to this is move on and be grateful for what you have. A relationship is based on a 50/50 effort, definitely not based on money and by truly caring about each other. I personally found that unconditional love is stubborn as you can clearly see that the other person doesn’t care about your happiness and health, but you still love them. For some people it takes a while to open their eyes and see the truth but for some others they still have so little respect and love for themselves that they are completely blinded by the lies. But remember one thing, if you care for these toxic people too much you are actually hurting the people around you and those who really love you because they know that you are unhappy and possibly unwell, so if you are not doing it for yourself do it for them. It is not the most ideal thing to do as you should care about yourself but it might give you the strength to take the big step. Go no contact and avoid any more toxicity in your life. You deserve to be happy and have some peace in your life.

Mindset goals

Reflecting on what happened in the year 2021, what I have achieved and things that I need to improve in my life. I personally achieved so many big things last year like starting a new job, finally open up my new ballet school (uncertain times due to the pandemic), buying a new home etc. of course with some of these it has been a challenge but I am so happy that it doesn’t matter how difficult it has been but i finally accomplished my goals. Also self-reflecting is a way to grow your mindset and see how you can improve yourself, change your perspective, gain inner strength and become a more optimistic person. Being realistic is important but you need to leave space for optimism as that will give you the strength and courage to push yourself.

Routine goals

Resetting your routine is a great way to start the new year! It sounds like an easy task but it can be challenging as it is difficult to change what you have maybe been doing for years. Pushing yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone especially if you don’t feel motivated because achieving goals builds that confidence in the first place. If you accomplish goals on a daily basis, your goals not only become more real but also you build up trust in yourself.

Some positive examples of routine goals are getting up early in the morning, becoming healthier (starting a new healthier diet and exercising regularly), have more regular shorter breaks during your working hours, read more, watch less TV, go to bed earlier, reduce the time that you spend on social media or phone etc.

The best technique I found to change a routine is to do it in small baby steps, do not rush and make sure that each goal has a real purpose. Don’t be hard on yourself but keep your focus and always remember that behind any sacrifice there’s a reward.

Home goals

designating one day a week to declutter and tidy your whole home, flat or room could be a good fresh start for this year. Your surroundings affect your inner peace and seeing your home or a particular room cluttered will not only be counter productive ( you could take ages to find something) but also stressful. I always believed that my home is almost a mirror of my inner self. When I feel tired and sad my home is usually neglected, untidy and not as clean as it normally is. So keep up with your cleaning by cleaning as you go and assign a home for every single item.

Lastly, when you are in the process of decluttering, Be aware of how often you use each item as that will determine if you should get rid of it or keep it. Usually if you haven’t been using something in the last 6 months, that is a clear hint that you are not going to need it.

I have also found that decluttering doesn’t only mean to get rid of physical things but also for example cancelling the contacts that you never call or text or that are no use for you. Clear your inbox by deleting unneeded emails or unwanted messages.

Of course, under home goals I would also include redecorating your home or just something as small as changing the colour of your living room cushions. Let your creativity inspire you!

Money goals

Saving, investing and clearing your debts could be a good way to start your financial year. I personally found that even if you invest or save a small amount of money it can give you that feeling of extra security. Also anything that you pay towards your debts even if it is only £10 is a step closer to freedom.

A good way to keep track of everything is to get a budget planner, an easy way to organise your finances and feel more in charge and stress free.

A good step to save money is to unsubscribe from those brands or publications that you don’t really need, avoid to buy food or drink for work but instead preparing a lunch box, buy only what you need or really want etc

I hope that you enjoyed this post and found it useful. If you need to ask any questions or have ideas for any future posts please feel free to contact me, email me directly to or leave a comment down below. Also don't forget to subscribe if you don't want to miss any of the future posts and have free access to premium content!

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