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Effective strategies on how to make money on YouTube

Who would like to be able to make money on YouTube as a second source of income or even as a first! The majority of us would like to work from home so that we can have more time to do the things that we have a passion for and to spend more time with our loved ones. YouTube is a great way to make money but also to expand our knowledge as we need to learn new things in order to be able to make videos. Here I will be showing you not just how to make money through a YouTube channel but also I will be giving you lots of different videos ideas that you can use. Let’s discover the YouTube world!

One of the main questions that people ask is when YouTube starts to pay you for your videos! In order to monetise your channel on YouTube you need at least 4000 hours of watch time within the last 12 months with an active AdSense Google account and a 1000 or more subscribers . YouTube also starts to pay you money every 1000 views or clicks of the ads that are attached to your videos and this amount depends from your CPI ( cost per impression). Your CPI depends from how popular your channel is and what kind of videos you make. With 10000 views though you can really maximise that amount even more.

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What are the types of ads and what are the rates of CPI? There are two different kind of ads: there are clickable ones and the ones that you can skip. Many people don’t realise that in order to get paid from AdSense viewers from the clickable ads, viewers need to watch the ad for 30 seconds or half of it, whatever comes first. The rates for cost per impression have never been shared by YouTube so at the moment are not available. They can vary from a large amount of things such as the one mentioned before and also from your type of audience, audience engagement and audience retention.

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Other ways to monetise your YouTube channel is through sponsorship and affiliate marketing! You will eventually get a few companies which will want to sponsor you but make sure that you don’t rush into it and that you select only the ones that you really like and pay you well. An example on how an affiliate works is that you first take part in an affiliate programs such as Amazon associates, you then get a custom link which you’ll put on your YouTube description and when visitors click on it you’ll get your commission!

How to get more views on YouTube? This is a very important question as if you don’t get the attention of viewers then you’ll have no chance to monetise your videos. Down below are the elements that you need in order to achieve that:

  • Optimise your thumbnail image by edit it with Canva

  • Write a rich and catchy description

  • Have good quality video with clear audio

  • Provide good entertaining and educative content

  • Use tags

  • Have a clear idea of what your YouTube channel is about

Remember that if you want to get money from your YouTube channel setting up a Google AdSense is essential! You can do it for free on the AdSense website and it will need a PayPal account and a valid address.

What kind of videos can I make on YouTube? The first thing to say about that is to think of what kind of skills you have , something that you are passionate about or what you are good at. There are so many ideas on YouTube videos and I am going to least some of the most popular down below:

  • You can teach blogging tips or some related topics such as “how to use Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram to bring traffic to your website”,” how to set up a Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram account” etc.

  • You can share your own music

  • You can teach cooking recipes, ballet, Pilates, yoga, hair styles, photography , languages, drawing, painting, maths, history, jewellery making etc.

  • If you are a blogger and you have a website, you can turn your blog into videos doing a narrative version of them. It can be anything from” how to turn a bad day into a good day” to “how to cope in a bad financial situation” and so many more life topics to share with your audience

  • You can make a video of your best photos to sell yourself as a photographer

  • If you are into interior design you could share a tour video of your home or someone else`s and teach your audience about different designs and home décor styles. If that is not you but you do have a passion for Home décor then you could teach how to declutter your home, how to decorate your bedroom, DIY tips etc

  • You could also travel the world, record videos of the places that you are visiting, tell your audience about your experiences and educate them about different cultures, cuisines, languages, architecture and traditions.

  • Lastly you could share funny videos about yourself, your pet or just tell your viewers a joke!

Of course these are not all the videos ideas that you could have, you might have a video idea that no one has never had before!

f you need to ask any questions or have ideas for any future posts please feel free to contact me or leave a comment down below! Also don't forget to subscribe if you don't want to miss any of the future posts or to have access to some of the premium content!

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04 ก.ย. 2563

Thank you Nichola! I believe that lots of nice pictures can make the posts and the site look more interesting and presentable 😊


Nichola Aldridge
Nichola Aldridge
03 ก.ย. 2563

Really cool pics


31 ส.ค. 2563

Thank you Kev! I am actually thinking to start my own channel on YouTube 😊 Just need to get the courage to come out from my comfort zone!


Interesting article. You should start a channel!

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