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Brilliant strategies: how to get a job during a pandemic

Are you unemployed and actively looking for work? Are you unhappy in your job and looking for a change? Are you struggling to find work? Here you’ll be able to find all the different kinds of strategies to increase the opportunities in getting hired from companies but also common mistakes that people make during a job search. Below there will be a list of different strategies which will guide and help you to be more successful in finding a job. If you have any questions or have any ideas for any future posts please feel free to contact me or leave a comment down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

How to write a perfect CV with no work experience! It’s already hard to find a job, especially in the middle of a pandemic or recession, and when your CV looks kind of empty with not much work experience to write about that can significantly minimise the chance to get a job. You could be young, maybe just recently finished college or University or maybe just been stuck in the same job for years. Don’t worry as with some organisation and creativity you can still make your CV look catchy and interesting. First of all, it’s very important that you write a well descriptive summary on the top of your resume where you need to emphasise especially on your skills as you probably have none or very little work experience to fill up your CV with and to get the attention of companies. Don’t forget that if you are applying for a specific job to mention the reasons why you’re applying for that job. What you need to include in your summary is a description of yourself such as your strengths and skills, your biggest academic achievements, relevant training you have completed and your current job position ( what involves). Please find below a list of useful examples, such as phrases and skills, that you could use to write a good CV.

Useful phrases

I am highly organised and self-sufficient

I have great time management skills and I am hard working

I am always eager to learn new skills

I have a good eye for details

I have strong listening skills and excellent communication skills

I am a really reliable and punctual person

Skills (most requested)

Time management skills

Listening skills

Communication skills

Customer service skills

IT skills

Problem solving skills

Organisation skills

Listening skills

Languages skills

Financial skills

What about if I am over 50?

Searching for work can be tricky at any age but for people who are over 50 or 60 it can be more challenging. Even though this is the case with many employers there are still some of those out there who are open to the idea to have older employees as part of their companies. Actually, sometimes being a senior worker can bring many years of experience, skills and a higher level of maturity which can all be a great advantage to get a job. Looking from an employer perspective there’s a big chance that senior employees are going to stay in the job for a very long time improving the business retention rate. This is because usually older employees look for stability and in most cases are more serious, hard working and determined in their job than younger employees. One of the downsides which many employers tend to take into account is that sometimes older employees can be a little behind with technology or IT skills and if the job involves these kinds of skills then it can go against them. Another disadvantage is money as usually because of their experience and the amount of skills which they possess they will expect a good salary or maybe not willing for a salary cut.

What about if I am over 50 but no experience?

Again as mentioned previously you have your maturity and even if you can’t offer a wide range of job experience you could instead show academic achievements, skills and also some great personality qualities. If you are looking online, Indeed is a great place to maximise your chances to find work and in the keywords search box you can insert your age example “50” and your location and that will make your search more specific to you. Of course that doesn’t mean that you can’t look for any jobs online but it might take more time and you will be competing with more applicants.

Get registered with different recruitment agencies!

It is hard to find a job especially if it is the one that you really want and fits your lifestyle but during a pandemic or recession things get trickier. Many people will be made redundant as many companies will have to either declare bankruptcy or cut down on the amount of workers to avoid shutting down the whole business. So registering yourself with a recruitment agency will maximise your chances to get a job faster as they do the searching for you and they have good connections with multiple companies. Also some agencies specifically offer a huge variety of temporary jobs which is not ideal but if you’re really struggling for money or if you’re really unhappy in your job then this option could be a life saver for the time being.

Keep an eye on shops!

The other day I just saw a huge advertisement post on Lidl (UK supermarket) saying that they are looking for people. So keep your eyes peeled in case you miss out on a job opportunity!

What kind of jobs can I do if I am young and inexperienced?

Personally I started as a cleaner and then moved on into catering (waitress, kitchen assistant etc.) as in this kind of sector they are always looking for people and especially for young ones. It can be a strenuous job as usually if you work for example in a restaurant you will be working anti-social hours and you'll probably be on minimum wage. You could also apply in a call centre or work in a shop as these kinds of businesses don’t usually require experience and full training is provided. The hours might be good or maybe not but it is a good place to start and if it’s not for you, you could always look for another job later which is more suitable.

Join a free online course!

While you are in the process of looking for a new job position, especially if you’re unemployed, you could use this time as an opportunity to learn new skills and expand your knowledge. One of the courses which I signed up for during the pandemic was a leading distance learning college (e-learning college) where I enrolled in an Interior design course where I learnt a great deal of skills and eventually passed the course. At the end you can ask for the certificate to be sent (cost varies depending from the certificate) but that is only if you wish to do so with no obligation. I have also enrolled in other courses and I will be soon starting a social media marketing one which is a field which I would like to gain some extra knowledge of.

What about if I am seeking a job in another country?

If you are looking to move to another country permanently or for a short period of time, working in a foreign country will open up new doors in your professional life. You are not just going to become a stronger and more independent person but also you can obtain new skills and work experiences which can boost your CV. In these modern days we are lucky that we don’t have to travel to the other side of the world in order to have an interview but we can use great tools such as Skype and Zoom which enable you to have web chats. First thing to do is to be patient and organised and to make a to-do list of things that needs to be done in order to make your job search efficient and have some of the necessary basic skills. Secondly, two of the main things to do are to update your CV and make sure that it includes all the job history and skills related to the job which you are applying for. Very importantly is to begin to learn the local language by using tools such Duolingo which is a free language app or just watch videos on YouTube to not just get the basics of the language but to also understand more the culture of the country you are moving to. Again Indeed is a great tool to search for jobs online and registering with different agencies in the country could be saving you some time. You can also apply directly for local companies or ask someone who already lives there to inform you if they see any jobs advertised outside a shop, cafe or restaurant as these are the kind of places that will be more accepting of having someone who speaks the language on a beginner level. Lastly, bear in mind that some companies require you to have a work permit or a Visa in order to work for them.

Start your own business!

If having your own business and becoming an entrepreneur is something that inspires you then you should go for it. Do you have good writing skills and are you creative? You could become a book writer, a blogger and write articles for your site or for a company and have the freedom to choose your working hours. If you have enough confidence and you are not shy in front of the camera you could also become a YouTuber! Check out the post “Effective strategies on how to make money on YouTube”. Do you have unique photography skills? You could make money by posting your photos for example on Flickr, which is a photo-sharing website where you can open an account and start to make money by doing what you love. Check out the post “Amazing skills: how to stand out as a photographer”. Are you very creative and are able to make things with your own hands? You could become a jeweller and sell rings, bracelets or necklaces online and most websites such as Wix, as long you don’t require a personalised domain you could start your own website for free. You could also use social media such as Pinterest (my favourite), Facebook and Instagram to advertise your products for free. I am a content creator and only started to work on my site 3 months ago and this is one of the best steps that I took in my life.

Remember that finding work, especially during a pandemic, can take time and you have to be very optimistic, patient and do your very best to use any resources that you have access to for your job search. If you are unhappy in your job or stressing over money if you don’t keep busy and think positively you’ll end up becoming depressed and unmotivated affecting your mental and physical health. Remind yourself that if you are not fit and not yourself these two alone can put an employer off to give you a job position. It might help to also read the post Ideas on how not to be bored and stay positive during a pandemic”.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you need to ask any questions or have any ideas for any future posts please feel free to contact me or leave a comment down below. Also don't forget to Subscribe if you don't want to miss any future posts and have free access to premium content!

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Oct 20, 2020

Thank you Kev! I guess this post came at a good time as many people at the moment are struggling to find work and there are lost of unhappy people in their work place. I hope that you'll find this post helpful. Soon I will do another post about " interviews" 🙂


Well! Isn't it strange that I see this post only now! I will take time to read it and take on board your tips/advice. Thank you very much Melania! This post gives me hope for the future. Keep up the good work!


Oct 20, 2020

Grazie Benita! È vero che più spesso per gli giovani è più facile trovare lavoro però devi sempre tenere in conto che a loro manca con frequenza l'esperienza e la maturità di un lavoratore che ha sui 50-60 anni. Bisogna anche essere fieri della nostra unica personalità che può anche catturare l'attenzione di un manager/direttore 🙂


Unknown member
Oct 20, 2020

Hai dato una bella descrizione di come trovare un lavoro anke oltre i cinquant'anni io sarei una di quelle 😀 per i giovani sarebbe più facile grazie come sempre e continuerò a seguirti😉


Oct 19, 2020

Thank you Ana for the lovely comment 🙂 I am glad that you found this post useful and with lots of variety! Thank you for your support 🙂

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