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14 Secrets on how to become successful

Would you like to become successful not just in your job but also in every other area in your life? Success gives us confidence, a feeling of fulfilment and well-being and especially it brings us hope in our life. Keep reading to find out 14 amazing secrets to how to bring success in our life.

Get up early! The early bird catches the worm! Who hasn't heard that famous idiom before? The person who arrives first or does something before anyone else has got a great chance to succeed: when sales are on, the first customer who enters a shop is probably the one that will pick the best items or for example the last pair of shoes on sale. Especially when clothes are discounted, one has to consider that it is already hard to find your size so get there before anyone else does! 🛒👍🏽 If you are an early applicant for a job ( job site or agency) you are more likely to be reviewed by a company or by a job recruitment agency so setting up an email alert on the job site could be a good way to get there first or at least to be one of the first people applying for a position. Starting your day early could also be a good way to get many things done before you go to work, school, college, university or just start your day in general. If you are working and you would like, for example, to change your job, getting up at a good time could be a great idea to learn some new skills, start up your own business or doing a course etc.

Treat failures as treasure! Making mistakes is a way to progress because without them you would not know how to make something better. You should not be discouraged by them but instead they should make you a more confident, smarter and stronger person. To fail is to advance, because it will open your eyes on what is not working and then you can try something else. A great example is Walt Disney who was fired from Kansas City Star as the newspaper editor believed that "he lacked imagination and didn't have good ideas" and look what he has achieved! Never give up! You fall and you get up again!

Successful people are not scared to take risks and what I mean by that is that sometimes in life you have to spend money in order to make money. A classical example is to start an online business. In order to build up your traffic or for people to get to know your brand, blog, products etc you need to invest in a website. A website can connect to social medias, YouTube and other sources to get you more of an audience. It can also bring you more money with adding Ads, being a partner or being sponsored by another company. A professional well designed website with good content can potentially make you much more money that you initially invested with.

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Having a good support system is very important! In order to succeed in life it is very important to be able to have at least one person supporting and encouraging you on what you do. That could be your partner, a friend, a family member or some other person who you feel close to.

Reading books everyday! Reading puts your brain on a treadmill and increases your working memory capacity and the ability to concentrate too. It does expand your creativity and pushes your imagination making it like a workout for your brain! It is for that very reason that reading has been proven to help prevent dementia. It is also a good method to improve a new language as you can learn new vocabulary and get used of the sentence structure. Improving your sleep can be achieved by reading a book before going to bed as it can be relaxing and it can distract you from your problems or anything else which can stress your mind. Bare in mind though that successful people usually are very selective in what they read and they usually choose books where they can expand their knowledge. Bill Gates is one of the most well-known avid readers in the world and he reads about 50 books per year and he likes to read several novels but mostly non-fictions.

Keep to your goals! Write down your goals, set a deadline and stick to it. Every time you fail in achieving a goal you'll be likely to lose confidence in yourself because it is like you made a promise to yourself and you let yourself down by not keeping that promise. It is important to make goals realistic, be consistent and also have a variety of them. Having great organisation and time management skills is a bonus too.

Stop comparing yourself to others! Successful people believe in themselves, like to be different and are very unique in the way they create something. Comparing yourself to others will weaken your true self and you will end up being less productive. If you believe in someone else that will make them stronger and build up their self esteem which is the key for success. Imagine what that can do to you. On the other hand watching your competition is a way to make sure that your products, blogs, services etc stand out and are unique. It can be a way to see where other companies or people in business went wrong so that you can learn from their mistakes and make sure you don't do them.

Exercise every day! It is important that physical activity is included in your daily routine in order to be a more productive and an efficient person. If you keep a healthy and active life that will give you an enormous amount of benefits not just to your body but also to your mind. If you feel good you are more likely to have more ideas, energy and feel happier with yourself. These are great factors which contribute in becoming a successful person.

Always keep growing your skills, techniques and strategies. Successful people never stop to learn and are students for life. Not only that but it keeps them mentally active but it also ensures that they keep up with the competition. Just because you are successful now doesn't mean that you will be successful in the future. Always keep learning new skills and acquire new ways to make your business better. Never stop growing your knowledge!

Meditate daily! Meditation is being proven to be a great a way to improve your concentration, problem solving skills and clear up your mind. Having even only 10-15 minutes per day of a silent moment can create some space in your mind for new ideas and make you feel better. Stress, as we are aware also affects our health badly and it can accelerate memory loss. Meditation reduces stress and slows the aging process. All this can be great for your brain and overall health :-)

Balance your personal life with your work life. Being a successful person means to succeed in many areas in your life and have the balance needed in all of them in order to be not just productive but also happy. Have time for your family, friends etc and to look after yourself will make the complete package for a successful life.

Never blame other people for your problems or mistakes! Take full responsibility for your actions and instead of blaming someone else and crying or moaning about the situation, do something about it. Think about a solution and act on it. That will help you to become a stronger, more confident and positive person. Being positive is an important key to have success in life too!

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Be grateful! Have some gratitude and treasure what you have or what you have achieved so far. It is important for your mind and well being. It keeps you positive, motivated and focus.

Don't procrastinate! Usually people tend to procrastinate because they don't believe that they can do a task, a job or anything else similar. They don't believe in themselves and always have some excuse to not do the work. It doesn't mean that who tends to procrastinate is a lazy person but sometimes they have to be in the mood to get something done. Unfortunately this can be time consuming and if you have a deadline it can be stressful to get it done quickly and you might end up doing a bad job. Remember, the most difficult part is to begin, once you start the easier part comes. Just do it and have faith in yourself!

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I can't agree more! Great ideas! The most important thing- never give up! 😊😊😊😊🥰

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