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Amazing tips on how to have a long-lasting, happy & strong relationship

Are you in a relationship and are having some struggles? Would you like to have some tips on how to improve your relationship? Here there will be plenty of advice on how to spice up your relationship and how to cope with the problems which it can bring.

Keep your life balanced

Looking after your health and having a balance in your lifestyle will be really beneficial for your relationship. Doing some physical activities such as yoga, Pilates, golf, dance classes, martial arts and any other activities which can release tension build up during work or from some other daily duties. Some couples even take the initiative to both join for example tango classes so that doing something together and fun can bring them closer. It is also important to eat a healthy diet rich in proteins and vitamins, plenty of water and with a low amount of sweet food. If you are healthy, you are happier and if you are happier you are more likely to be happier in your relationship. Going for a short or a long trip together can also be something exciting and romantic to do and it will give you both a break from your work life.

Be honest and be yourself

Being honest with your partner doesn't just mean to not lie to them but also if you have a problem either in the relationship itself or maybe a work related problem it is a good thing to share it with them. A problem which is shared is also easier to cope with and you mustn’t forget that there are two people in a relationship. You are there for eachother not to just share fun and happy moments but especially difficult ones.

Accept your differences

Even if the reason you are together is probably because you have many things in common, you also need to accept that you also have differences. It is impossible for everyone to meet someone who is exactly like us and in my opinion i believe that if we were all the same it would be a boring world to live in. Also in regards to relationships there is the famous saying “Opposite attracts” which has definitely some truth in it. You are allowed in any kind of relationship to say and share your opinion even if the other person doesn’t agree. It is a way of showing respect and love for eachother which will only nurture even more a healthy and a happy long-lasting relationship.

Have healthy argument

Being in a relationship can be difficult and the struggle in our everyday life can also bring additional problems. It is likely that even in the strongest and happiest couple, to have disagreements and arguments. It is crucial that when you argue though, that you don’t shout at eachother, call eachother names, swear but speak with eacother calmly and with respect. Anger is not a healthy feeling to have inside you, it is not healthy and it will only make matters worse. Also through anger we might say things without thinking, ending up really hurting the other person feeling. To add some words might be so bad that can push your other half away from you and cause friction in the relationship. I strongly believe that you must let eachother speak without interrupting and listen to what they have to say. All these are very important factors to avoid any little disagreement turning into abusive big arguments. If your relationship becomes physically abusive don’t wait months for it to get better, but straighway get out of that relationship and ask for professional help. An abusive partner doesn’t only not deserve you but it can be dangerous to yourself and to your children (if you have any).

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