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Brilliant strategies on how to ace a job interview

Have you been selected for a job interview and don’t know how to prepare for it? Have you had a hard time getting picked for a job interview and you don’t know why? How can I not be nervous and feel stressed during a job interview? Being picked for a job interview is exciting but at the same time daunting as we don't really know what to expect but with some preparation we can feel better, more relaxed and ready for it. Here you’ll find all the information needed in order to achieve that and to understand how to deal with different kinds of interviews.

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Let’s start with what kinds of job interviews you could be selected for and how to first prepare for these specific ones. Please find them listed below:

Telephone Interview: it can be quite an uncomfortable feeling for some of us talking on the phone instead of being face to face with someone and being able to see their facial expressions, body language, not having any in person connection etc. So in order to make an impression with the employer you need to sound confident, energetic and impress them from the very beginning with the way you answer their questions. Of course that involves some kind of preparation and you need to study the most asked questions in a telephone job interview. Soon to be published “Best answers for the most frequent job interview questions”. Besides what the answers will be, these have to be clear, informative, short and concise and not longer than 2 minutes depending on the kind of questions. The way you should answer your questions needs to be in a calm, not an over excited way and make sure you listen properly to your interviewer so that your answers not just match the questions but so that you can give your best answers and impress them too.

Skype interview (any other video interview): there are a few things to be considered to prepare yourself for a video interview. First of all you need to make sure that your surroundings are neutral with you being the focal point without anything behind you which can be distracting for your interviewer. Choose a smart clean professional outfit that fits you perfectly and for women don’t wear too much makeup or jewellery. To maintain eye contact with the person who is interviewing, you need to make sure that you look at the camera and not at a screen where you can see yourself or the other person. Have some notes about the company, the position, your CV and anything else useful for the interview in front of you to quickly scan through but don’t make it too obvious. Ensure that if your interview is at home that there are no interruptions such as internal domestic noises, pets, children etc. Lastly bear in mind that by relying on an internet connection that you might suddenly lose it or have issues with it. If that happens, don’t panic, stay calm and be honest with the interviewer about the problem and suggest maybe to redial the video call as sometimes that helps. That will show the employer/manager/supervisor etc. that you can handle a difficult situation and be positive, calm and showing that you can manage it.

Face to face interview: during a pandemic this kind of interview is becoming less and less common due to the safety guidelines. Usually an in-person interview is the last stage of the interviewing process so it is crucial that you make a great impression. As mentioned previously appearance is one of the most crucial factors in an interview so looking smart and professional is a must. It is essential that you study your resume and main information about the company as this time you’ll not be able to check out your notes like you would in a telephone or video interview. Showing to the employer that you have done your research on the company will demonstrate interest in the business and that you are well prepared.

Carefully look into the role description: make sure that you read everything about the job, especially skills needed, requested duties and what they’re looking for in the candidate.

Arrive 10-15 minutes early: getting to a job interview 5-15 minutes earlier will show to the employer that you are serious about the job and that you are a professional and that you are ready and eager. If you are relying on public transport aim to get there 30 minutes earlier just in case the bus is running late but don’t enter the site unless it is 15 minutes before the interview. It is crucial that you are not late because that can give a really bad message to the employer and can put them off. Lastly being there too early is not a good sign either as that can make your employers and the recruitment team nervous and on edge.

Ultimately what you need is a “Good luck” and I hope you’ll get the job!

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Oct 27, 2020

That's great news Kev!! Good luck with your interview! 😊


Good tips! I have a phone interview coming up!

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