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How to have shiny healthy strong hair: 10 brilliant tips

Would you like to look in the mirror and see strong shiny healthy hair? Do you wish to have the amazing feeling of running your fingers through silky soft hair? If it’s a yes to the above then you´re in the right place! Here you’ll find 10 hair care tips which will include not just tips on how to get that glossy look in your hair but also how to make and keep it strong. There will also be mentioned things that you mustn’t do if you wish to get great and durable results on your hair care routine. Let’s start to discover them.

Don’t wash your hair every day! There’s not really a general rule for everyone of when you´re supposed to wash your hair as that depends on your hair type. It is usually recommended from many experts that you should wash your hair every 2-3 days but if you begin to have an itchy scalp, oily hair, dandruff or if it has an unpleasant smell then these are obvious signs that you need to wash it. Of course washing your hair every day is not a good habit as that will strip your scalp and your hair from its natural oils and it will end up damaging it. So stick to 2-3 days hair washing and only if for some particular reasons you need to wash them daily then try to use a more gentle shampoo and suitable for everyday washing.

Always use conditioner! Apply a small amount on the lengths of your hair and ends and never at the roots as that will weigh your hair down causing it to lose volume and can make your hair look greasy straight after you washed it. It's very important that you apply the conditioner after you have squeezed most of the water out of your hair or gently dry them quickly with a towel. That will ensure that the conditioner gets absorbed properly into your hair and it will give the moisture needed to keep your hair shiny, smooth and healthy. We all seem to be in a rush in this modern society but another important step is to leave the conditioner on your hair for 2-3 minutes before you washed off. That will make your hair have a shinier and healthier look after blow drying them and I personally found that 5 minutes works better for me.

Don’t dry you hair with a high temperature! It's better to blow dry hair your hair with cold air instead of hot hair as too much of that can damage your hair, giving them a dull look and cause splits ends. On the other hand if you just washed your hair and it is dump it´s fine to blow dry your hair on the faster setting with hot air. But as they are getting drier than you need to change it to the lower temperature as high heat can cause damage to your hair by over drying it. Lastly ensure that you keep the hairdryer 8-10 inches away from your scalp and holding it downward as it will stop hair knots from forming.

Choose the right hairbrush and comb! Before you buy a hairbrush or a comb make sure that it’s suitable for your hair type and damage-free. There are different types of brushes which you can choose from and they´ve all been designed for different hair types. The ones which in my experience give the best results in obtaining healthy, smooth and glossy hair are wet brushes, paddle brushes, vented brushes and my favourites which are finishing brushes and detangling brushes. All these brushes will give you an easier, smoother, better and damage-free brushing hair experience. In regards to the comb to select, of course there are many different types but wide tooth combs are probably the best to remove tangles in your hair. They´re also well known to prevent unneeded pain while brushing making them great for children and for people with thick hair.

Rinse your hair properly! It is essential to use both shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair but you must make sure that you remove any trace of it before blow drying. If you don’t wash it out properly, leaving traces of these two products, in the long run it can cause damage to your scalp making it itchy and making your hair greasy.

Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase! Sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase will reduce the friction which can cause your hair to break more often and tangle. Also cotton pillows for example, in comparison to satin and silk pillows, collect more dust and bacteria which are not ideal in keeping your hair cleaner for longer. This is a great way to ensure that you still taking care of your hair while you have your beauty sleep!

Allow your hair to be loose and breath! Having your hair tied in a ponytail, in a bun or in any other similar way can cause lots of strain on your roots. Make sure that you leave your hair to breathe and keep them loose regularly to avoid too much breakage. Lastly it can also help to even out the natural oil in your hair so that they don’t get greasy too quickly. While you sleep though it is actually been advised by many experts that sleeping with your hair up in a lose ponytail can actually help to minimize breakages.

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Dry you hair gently with a towel! Drying you hair in a rough way can cause irritation to your scalp and encourage hair breakages. Pressing your hair against the towel or tapping it can keep your hair in good condition and avoid unnecessary damage. Also considering a softer towel instead of a hard one could be a great choice for your scalp and for your hair health.

Eat a diet rich in proteins! To maintain a healthy growth of your hair you need to make sure that you have a diet rich in proteins. Hair is made primarily of a protein called keratin which keeps our hair strong and healthy. Some of the food which is known to help to produce this natural protein is eggs, spinach, fatty fish, avocado, berries, dairy products and nuts.

Use a scalp massager! This is a great tool to not just reduce tension and stress but also to promote good blood circulation in your scalp. This is another brilliant step to get closer to achieving the healthy strong silky hair that you have always dreamed of.

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Oct 14, 2020

Hi Kev! I love your sense of humour!😉 Sleeping on a silk or satin pillow is not just good for your hair but it's also beneficial for your skin as it avoids irritation! Unfortunately I am not that girl but I do like to keep my hair shiny as much as I can! 😄


I have short hair and not much of it left! Ha ha! So most of this wont apply to me :) I like the idea of sleeping on a silk pillow though! The girl in the picture with the red background has beautiful hair! Is that you?

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