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8 Amazing ways to keep your dog happy and healthy

Nowadays dogs are part of our family and we treasure every moment spent with them. In this fast paced life though we don't always get enough time to enjoy their company but we still give them lots of love and spend all the time that we can with them. Down below there are some tips which I personally used to improve my relationship with my dog and make her happier:

When you get up in the morning and before going to bed make sure that you give a kiss or say "hello" to your dog or wish them a "goodnight".

Let them play with their favourite toy! My fury friend likes to play with my Pilates/Yoga ball and she pretty much stole it from me when one day I was doing some Pilates at home! I am glad that she loves it because it is not just a way for her to have fun but also it is a form of exercise. To add sometimes they also like to have the freedom to destroy a paper bag and run around with a plastic bottle. I know that it can be messy and noisy but occasionally it is worth it if it makes your dog happy.

Reward them with some nice treats when they behave well or listen to you. Usually I tend to give her some dental treats instead of the other types as they can contain too much sugar or salt and can be harmful to your dog. My dog especially has to have a diet low on salt due to the fact that she has epilepsy. Another thing you could do is to hide some of treats around the house and that will keep them active and it is good to stimulate their sense of smell.

Bring them for long walks to a park or anywhere nice for them at least once/ twice a week. It has health benefits but also it can be exciting for them as they can have the opportunity to discover different scents and at the same time will keep them fit.

Play "hide and seek" with them as they will love that and it is a way to connect and spend some good fun time with your fury friend .

Always give them lots of cuddles, kisses and hugs. They probably know that you care about them but sometimes like humans they need you to show it too!

I always like to add some vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and kale to my dog's meal and sometimes adding some rice 🍙🥦🥭 It is important that you don't just feed them dog food but also enrich their meals with a variety of vegetables and more. That will ensure that your pet diet is complete and healthy.

Other little things you could do is to give them a little massage, watch TV with them (such us funny dog films and short "you tube" amusing dog videos) as dogs do enjoy watching other dogs play and have fun. Also you caring for them such as brushing their coat, cutting or trimming their nails and cleaning their teeth is a way to pamper them. My dog loves me to clean her teeth and she loves the taste of the toothpaste! When my partner does her nails she almost falls asleep and it is very cute watching her relax.

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Chancla from Valencia, Spain

Valentina from Bristol, UK



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