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How to make your home look more expensive & classy

Are you bored and fed up of the way your home looks? Would you like to discover cheap ways to make your home look like a luxury hotel? If your answer is yes then you’re reading the right post! Here you’ll find so many different inexpensive ways to freshen up or change the appearance of your home and feel like you are in a new house again! There are so many ways on how you can do that on a budget but of course some of them might involve a little bit of investment while others you don’t have to spend anything at all! If you have any questions or have any suggestions for any future posts please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a message down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also don't forget to subscribe if you don't want to miss any of the future posts or have access to some of the premium content!

Have a clean and tidy home! This is the number one tip as there’s nothing worse than seeing a messy and dusty space and there are few reasons on why that is. First of all, your home will look neglected and will make your living space look cheap and uninviting, secondly a dirty home is not just unpleasant to see but is also not healthy for your lungs to breath in all that dust! Lastly an unclean home can bring bad uninviting odours to your home especially if you are a smoker, have a pet or if your house is subjected to dampness. Pay attention especially to glass furniture, windows and in the kitchen and bathroom as usually these areas can visibly be more crowded and dusty. In short having a nice clean and neat living space can make your house look like a home in an interior design magazine!

Include cushions, rugs and blanket throws! In order to give a more sophisticated and luxurious look to your house, add an extra finishing touch to your room with these extra accessories to your sofa, bed, floor etc. Cushions for example can be positioned on your sofa or on your bed to make the room look classier and bring more colour to it. You can definitely emphasise that by adding an accent cushion or several ones and play with the positioning and with the colours to see which one suits best. Rugs are great too to make your rooms appear more glamourous and what I personally do is to use for example faux sheep-skin rug or a shag rug not just on the floor but also placed on the bed like a blanket. I also play with the positioning too, if you can see on the pictures, when the grey rug is placed in the centre instead of across the bed, it loses elegance and touch. Of course every now and then it’s nice to have a change but I guess that we all have our preferences. Try this out and let me know what you think or if it works for you.

Minimize the clutter! A home which has furniture can look welcoming and cosy but if you have too much it can look cluttered. Having lots of furniture can make your living space look smaller and have a negative impact to your flow space so having a good circulation, especially around the living room, a furniture layout is necessary. It is also important not to fall into the temptation to push furniture against the wall to make rooms look bigger as that can do the opposite! A good example is the living room: make sure that you push your sofa slightly away from the wall as not doing that will just create a dead space in the centre and not allowing it some breathing space. All this can definitely create a more welcoming, roomier and expensive looking home so make sure you try it! Lastly if you are thinking to buy a rug for your bedroom or living room make sure that you can buy the biggest rug that you can afford as not only they will make your room look bigger but they will also bring luxury and wealth to your home.

Add mirrors for your home style! Mirrors can make your room look glamorous and upmarket but they can also spread out lights evenly in a natural way and boost the sense of space. Of course especially large mirrors can be expensive so if you can’t afford to buy one you could buy a cheap mirror sheet from Ikea or from Amazon and you can stick a vintage picture frame which you can buy from a charity shop or from a car boot sale! Another thing you can do is to purchase some mirror tiles, stick them to the wall and then buy or create a frame around them. Sometimes they can also have a trendy look used without a frame so you don’t necessarily need to get a frame for them.

Details such as hardware must not be underestimated! Replacing or adding some nice luxurious hardware to your home ( taps for bathroom or kitchen, doors, windows, cupboards handles etc.) will enhance the look of your home and are great to freshen up your space without spending too much money!

Buy some nice cheap flowers or plants! Flowers don't only smell nice but they bring a feeling of peace in our homes and put us in a good mood. Plants too will make the room look more spacious and bring more colours and the good news is they can always fit your budget.

Take care of your furniture! If your furniture is outdated, damaged or broken that will make your home look neglected and cheap. Make sure that first of all you look after it and then if it happens that it gets damaged try to look on YouTube or read some articles about DIY so that you can fix it by yourself. In this way, you can avoid to spend extra money that you can’t afford or on things that are outside your budget.

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