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Great tips to how to declutter and organize your space fast

There are many things you can do to make your life easier and feel happier with yourself and one of these is to declutter your house or office every 6 months or less if you need to do so. Decluttering your home will give you extra space and will make you feel better as looking after your home is like looking after yourself and loving yourself. To add by selecting a specific place for different items your home will look so much tidier and it will make it easier for you to find things quickly especially when you are in a rush.

To begin the decluttering process it is very important to empty the wardrobe, drawer, cupboard or any other areas completely and put everything on the floor so that you can have a better view of what you want to keep or get rid of.

When you declutter, divide items in sections or categories on a floor, table or bed in order to make the decluttering process quicker to avoid boredom and take too much time out of your day

Only keep the things that you need, use and make you happy! You feel like your house or office is actually breathing and you can gain some extra storage space if you would ever need it.

While you declutter make sure that you select a place for each item to be. Decluttering has a lot of benefits that comes with it but it is definitely more effective if it is done in an organised way. If everything has its own place then that means that your house, office or any other areas will be kept tidy. That can make your life less stressful, easier, organised and more functional!

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To make your wardrobe and closet more organised and aesthetically pleasant you could organise your clothes by colour and separate them in categories. For example you could put the pink and red together and the light blue and dark blue together. Also if your prefer your could have the dark colours separate from the light colours. It is also very useful and it will make your life much easier to separate the house clothes from the going out clothes. Placing socks and underwear in a box or in a pretty linen storage basket will keep them tidy and in place. Also if you can try to use the same hangers that will appear nicer than having all different ones ( colours, types, shape).

Ensure that the area which you have emptied has been dusted or cleaned before you put all the items back in. There is nothing worse that having a tidy organised place which is dusty or dirty.

Before you start to declutter make sure that you have a rubbish bin or bag ready to use as you go along and get rid of items.

Add labels to each area or storage box to make it easy to find each items quickly. A great idea is to label each plug in your living or working space as for example it can be frustrating if you are watching a movie and you unplug the wrong plug!! When you are organised you feel like you are always on top of things and you feel so much happier and satisfied with yourself. You also have more clarity and you will feel more productive.

Have an empty box where you can just place items there while you are rushing. Later in the week you can sort them out in the area which was initially designed or labelled for them. It can avoid having piles of things on top of each other or just make your home or office messy again.

Have a day decluttering every 6 weeks or so to ensure that you are not going to leave it so long that it becomes unmanageable again.

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