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How to turn your mood around after a bad day

Do you feel sad and bored today with no energy? Would you like some great ideas on how to turn a bad day into a good day? We all have bad days and it is important to know that you are not alone and with a bit of creativity and inspiration, even a difficult sad day can be turned around! So let’s start finding them out and if you have any questions or any ideas for future posts please feel free to contact me or leave a comment down below.

Have a nice long shower! There is nothing better to start or end the day with a lovely long shower. Pamper yourself, exfoliate your skin, sing out loud your favourite song but don’t dance ( in case you slip :-D) give yourself a nice massage and think about something nice to do later!!

Wear clothes that make you feel happy and good even if you are spending all day at home! How nice and motivating is it to wear your favourite clothes even if no one can see them. Don’t forget that it´s about how you feel and even something so little can put you in a better mood. Even wearing a piece of jewellery like a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or a ring can give you some good positive energy.

Go for a walk outside! Smell the fresh air, watch the blue sky, birds flying, admire beautiful colourful flowers or a panorama, seeing people or animals and anything else which it can keep your mind off of negative thoughts. Besides walking it is also a form of exercise and it could be fun, especially if you have a dog or someone to go with!

Write your goals down! Sometimes writing your goals in a nice diary, journal or even by using a tool like Trello can be inspiring and give you a boost for the day. The reason why that is, is because we all have a purpose in life and sometimes we lose ourselves if we don’t have a plan towards it. Almost it feels like that we don’t actually have a goal anymore when we don’t know how to achieve it. Writing it down and seeing it in front of your eyes will make it become more real and by adding ways to reach your goals will give you a feeling of success, positivity and happiness.

Post a video, thought or photo online! You could start to write a blog or if you are already a blogger, a thought could be turned into a post. You could also post a video or a photo on Instagram or anywhere else where you feel comfortable and happy to do so. Doing all of that can be a good distraction and push your creativity too and perhaps you could discover skills that you didn’t even know you had.

Cook your favourite meal and eat it while watching your favourite movie! This is an awesome idea and I believe that it nearly always works for most people as it takes your mind off things and puts you in a good mood. You can do it by yourself, with the company of a pet or partner, invite a friend or a family member over your place etc. Don’t forget that you could even watch a new movie on Netflix or on Amazon Prime and if you have watched any good film lately please put it down in the comment and share it with the community!

Listen to music! This is most people´s favourite thing to do when they feel demotivated or depressed as it doesn’t only keep your mind off bad negative thoughts but also it pushes your imagination. Sometimes it can be a form of meditation, a way of dreaming and personally a chance to create my dancing choreography routines.

Declutter your room or your whole house! I personally find decluttering liberating because it gets rid of unwanted and unneeded items in your living space. It is a lovely feeling when you don’t just have that extra space but it is also easier to find your things and everything looks so much tidier. Besides it will make you feel good by maybe giving clothes and things that you are getting rid of to a charity or maybe to a friend, a member of family who might make good use of them. It is also a great way to recycle and look after this lovely beautiful planet we live in! So start now and give yourself a a good positive boost of energy!!

Talk with someone! Sometimes when we are feeling down you are just looking for some comfort and to have somebody to make us laugh. Call or text a friend or a member of the family and if you live with a partner have a chat with them as maybe they are the best person to know what could cheer you up. Lastly also something really simple such as a hug can give us that warmth and sense of security needed to overcome even the toughest days.

Don’t be around toxic people! If you are having a bad day the last thing you want is to be with someone giving you negative energy and making you feel worse.

Go to the gym or to a class! Being active is not only beneficial for your body but is also a way to release stress and tension in your body. Sometimes you are having a bad day because of stress which has been building up for a length of time and you need to get it out of your system.

Have a cry! Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and understanding what it is that triggers your negative state of mind is a way of releasing your stress and adapting to a different way of life. Crying drowns out the sadness by no longer holding it in.

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