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Ideas on how not to be bored and stay positive during a Pandemic

There are times when each one of us may get bored during the day and we need to have a wide range of ideas to inspire us, keep us positive and make sure that our day is not wasted through procrastination. Especially during a pandemic where different emotions like sadness, depression, boredom, uncertainty and confusion surrounds us and leaves us feeling hopeless, bored and frustrated on not knowing what our future will bring. It is a very good start to be grateful on what you have, your health, the people that care for you and love you, sentimental items or any other things which bring you joy, a roof over your head, food etc. Gratitude brings happiness and happiness brings success, energy and productivity. So with all of this, you can have the energy to be creative, positive and build up your self-esteem. So let’s get started and let’s discover lots of fun, intriguing and amazing ideas that you can do during the pandemic or just when you are bored out of your mind!

  • Learn a new skill: being in a pandemic might mean that you are not working at the moment or that you are working less, or that you have stopped any other activities that you usually would have done during the day (leisure activities, college etc.) All this will give you so much extra time to be productive and learn some new skills. Maybe you are not happy with your present job at the moment and would like to change it. This is a good moment to go deeper into yourself and see what you really want as a job or as a career in your life. Do some online courses, watch video tutorials, read some job articles or maybe ask someone you know to teach a skill that you might find useful. You might be interested to read about "Amazing skills: how to stand out as a photographer". On the other hand you could always learn some new skills just to expand your knowledge or to have some fun! Plenty of them to choose from such as drawing, painting, jewellery making, blogging or writing skills, web designing, graphic designing etc.

  • Exercising (indoor and outdoor): During quarantine we tend to let ourselves become a little lazy which can’t be good, especially in the long run, for our body. Even if it is only for 30 minutes a day, being active is a way to love and look after ourselves and there are many physical activities to choose from. Yoga, Pilates, Swimming or going for a walk are easy way of keeping fit and having lots of health benefits. Swimming is especially suitable for people who have joint injuries or have issues in standing up for too long. Yoga and Pilates are great ways to improve your blood circulation, stimulate your digestive system and increase suppleness in your overall body. A variety of classes such as Ballet, stretching, dance, cardio, Pilates, Yoga, body strengthening exercises etc. can be found online and what is great is that the majority are free! Any outdoor activities starting from walking can have many benefits for your body and mind and some fresh air gives us that feeling of freedom and a purifying sensation in your lungs. Of course if you are doing activities out in the fresh air during a pandemic make sure that you keep social distancing!

  • Cook some new dishes: Cooking can be fun, entertaining and can push our creativity and if you are into healthy cooking that is even better! So go on YouTube and watch some videos to how to make some tasty Italian recipes (Pizza, pasta, fish, side dishes etc.), some nice colourful and healthy Japanese dishes (Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Miso soup etc.) and some other lovely delicious cuisines. It could be a good time for you to become healthier and change your whole diet and learn how to prepare dishes which are rich in nutrients, proteins and vitamins. It can push you to become creative and you never know, you might end up inventing your own recipe! Go for it! Check out also some apps that you can download where you can have access to large variety of meals that you can prepare and don’t forget about baking! A healthy diet is important but a daily sweet doesn’t hurt anyone!

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  • Learn a new language! This is a special skill to acquire as it has lots of benefits that you can get from it. It can be really useful when you travel and have the knowledge of a second language as in some countries the local people might not speak your native language but may understand your second one. This can also be very nice as a tourist to show to the residents of the country that you’re visiting, that you made the effort to learn at least the basics of their language. Another benefit is already having a job but with an option to advance in the career if you can speak for example Spanish or Russian, as maybe the company has lots of clients in Spain or Russia. If you are a writer you can use your language skills to expand your audience by writing your books in several languages saving yourself some money as you will not need a translator! Definitely there are also some health benefits such as improving your memory as it is a great workout for the brain and can post-pone or prevent diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia.

  • Watch series or films on Netflix, Disney+, Prime videos on Amazon etc. or maybe gain some knowledge through watching some documentaries or tutorial videos. I personally enjoy watching Killing Eve, Queer Eye or watching videos on YouTube about health, fitness, interior design, Ballet, Yoga and many more.

  • Pamper yourself! Give yourself a facial by applying a purifying and detoxing face mask. That will leave your skin with a replenished and smoother appearance with a feeling of freshness. You can also help your eyes to feel refined and revived by placing some eye gel patches enriched with collagen. I personally like to use them while I have my legs up against the wall whilst listening to some music. So I am actually not only taking care of my skin but also saving time by relaxing ( listening to music) and improving my blood circulation and digestive system ( put legs up against the wall). Having a nice hot bath or shower is also an amazing idea to relax but be careful not to spend too much time in it as it can remove the natural oil on your skin and make it dry. One good tip is to moisturise your skin before you enter the shower or bath and if you shave that will also protect your skin from irritation. If you had a warm or hot shower, make your water cold just before you finish and splash some water on your legs as this will improve your blood circulation. Lastly don’t forget to give yourself a massage or maybe receiving one from your partner for example, as massaging any part of your body will improve wrinkle appearance and it will keep your skin toned and firm. Of course don’t forget that a healthy diet and exercising are factors which you have to consider too in order for your skin to look and feel healthy.

  • Declutter your home! Of course there’s not much use in pampering yourself and then getting stressed over a messy and disorganised house. Decluttering your living space will give you a sense of freedom and it will make you feel like you are on top of things. Anyway giving some of your unwanted things and clothes to charity can make you feel good. There are many ways to declutter your home and if you are a minimalist that should not be too hard. You could check out my “Great tips to how to declutter and organise your space fast” but keep checking because there will be many more to come.

  • Volunteering! Becoming a volunteer may not only be a gesture of kindness but also a way to open doors to new jobs. You can gain the experience needed to maybe change a job that doesn’t inspire, motivate you or make you happy. You can find many jobs as a volunteer so it will not be difficult to find one and it is also a great way to meet new people.

  • Read books daily: Reading can be very relaxing, educational and entertaining. Reading also brings many benefits to your health such as promoting your mental health, reducing stress, improving your memory and aiding sleep. Of course you don’t have to be like Warren Buffet who said that the key for his success was reading 500 pages of material every day. Impressive!

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