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5 Simple ways to build self-confidence & become more positive

Are you feeling hopeless most of the days? Do you often have negative thoughts? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others? Would you like to change your attitude and become a more positive person? It is easy in this modern society to start from a seed of negative thoughts and eventually create a tree with it. Life can be difficult and we can all lose hope but in this post I’d like to guide you through a series of steps to follow in order to make your life easier and happier. Even if it seems that some days there’s no way out, it is important that you have trust in yourself and believe that whatever it is, it can be sorted out and that it is just a short phase of your life. It is by overcoming obstacles and keeping your optimism that you’ll become a stronger, smarter and better version of yourself.

Care for yourself! Taking care of your body and mind is a good way to start to love yourself and boost up your self-esteem. You could have a lovely spa session, some quiet relaxing time watching TV, reading a book, listening to music etc. You could also cook a special healthy meal or be creative by painting, decorating or drawing something on a canvas piece or on your diary/journal. Personally I love decorating and writing on my ballet diary (I am a ballet teacher and dancer) as I find it fun, very relaxing and it brings a bit of the childlike feeling in me which is wonderful and what people don’t realise is that is also necessary. Sparing some time each day to have some fun and using our creativity is a great strategy to look after our well-being as we forget that we are not machines and we need to rest, entertain ourselves and feel alive.

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Practice gratitude! Practicing gratitude can help you overcome difficult and challenging times in your life and elevate your emotional output. It is important to start your day by writing down all the things that you’re grateful for and believe me when I say that there’s always something to be grateful for. You could be grateful that you are alive, healthy, strong or just by looking at people that are around you and care for you. We could be grateful that you have one favourite item as personally I prefer to have a few favourite nice items and clothes than have my house full of unnecessary belongings which just make the house cluttered! You might want to check out the post “Tips on how to declutter and organise your space fast”. Decluttering your home is not just a liberating feeling and a way to gain extra space but it can also turn out to be a generous gesture too. For example, this year over the Christmas period my partner and I have donated over ten bags of unwanted clothes and items to the local charity shop in our village. So going back to the gratitude topic, always remember that there’s always someone there that is more unfortunate than yourself. You might not have lots of money but you might have a roof to live under or maybe you’re rich but you don’t have a lot of spare time to spend with your family and friends. The perfect life I believe exists for everybody but in order to improve it you need to start to appreciate the little things that you already have.

Do one thing that scares you everyday! In order to become a more positive and stronger person you have to overcome your fears. That could be anything from overcoming a phobia to attempt to take a more challenging task in your job. If you are scared of swimming, why don’t you take swimming lessons, if you’re afraid of wasps then why don’t you try to learn about them and try to see if you can be a little closer or longer around them (that was my test!). If thinking about your past upsets you and makes you feel angry try to understand why first and then replace the negative horrible thoughts with something happy in your present (I guess this test is for everyone of us). If you don’t feel confident to learn a new skill or to take a trickier and difficult task in your work then that means that you are scared of failure. Think, what is the worst that can happen? I believe that the reason why we want to do certain things in life is because deep inside we are capable of doing them. If you are afraid of how to handle someone difficult, toxic in your life whether that is a friend, your boss or a family member, imagine what it would be like when you find the courage to face them and how stronger and happier that will make you in your present and future. So do it! Don’t wait any longer!

Help someone else and cheer them up! The world can sometimes be a discouraging place and helping a friend in the most gloomy days can help us feel a more positive person. Things you can do are smiling as it is not just very addictive but it is also a sign of friendship and peace. Other things to do are to share some of your time with them, talk to them, listen to any problems which may have occurred in their life and try to find a solution. The great saying “A problem shared is a problem halved” definitely has some truth hidden in it!

Set your goals and work towards them and stop being a victim! It is easier for many people to just blame others for our own problems and get angry and annoyed at them but we need to take responsibility for our own issues. We also tend to feel sorry for ourselves and we keep comparing our life to other peoples and presuming that they are much happier than us. First of all, you don’t truly know what goes on in other people's lives as they might look happy and blessed but it might be that they are in a far much worse situation than us. Second, if you want something you need to work hard for it, change your habits, your attitude and stop feeling like a victim. During the pandemic I have been out of work for a few months but even if I did have some down days I made good use of all that time. I created and designed this site (even if at the beginning was difficult and tiring) and I organised the opening of my new ballet school. Now thanks to the skills that I have gained through my site and the free Marketing courses which I did online, I now work as an Italian Content Administrator for a really good company. So you can do it too but you must have faith in yourself and do something about your situation. Stop crying, moaning and wondering why your life is so miserable or why did you have such bad luck. If you think back or if you think about your situation now most of the time it is because we didn’t do anything about it to change it and most importantly we didn’t change ourselves. If we still keep our same habits, attitude, if we don’t work hard and don’t try to change the way we deal with things then how can we expect that our life can change for the better? So write down your goals and keep to them and remember that no beautiful things come in your life without trusting yourself, having perseverance and looking for a challenge.

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