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Discover the night routine habits of the rich

Are you curious about finding out what most rich people's night routine habits are like? Are you looking to finish your day in a healthier and more relaxed way? Would you like to have a better night sleep? This post will answer many of those questions and much more and it will improve the quality of your life and how you end your day.

Some successful people are wealthy and rich and they started their life from being really poor. Not all of the successful people do the same routine but down below you’ll find the most popular habits that successful people follow in order to achieve success in their life and find the balance needed for that.

They usually start their night routine after finishing working or doing all the daily tasks. When they usually get home they tend to put all their belongings away and prepare themselves to go to some leisure activities. Of course you have time where some people might choose to stay in their cosy home and relax there instead. Going back to leisure activities, many successful people tend to prefer to go to the gym and occasionally meet there with a private gym instructor. But of course there are many other disciplines which are quite popular such as Pilates, Yoga, dance classes, tennis, badminton, golf etc.and many billionaires also enjoy going for an evening run. Another great way to spend their evening is by dedicating themselves to their family and to use the morning to train and do some other activities. Successful people are aware that family time is really precious as they know that money alone doesn't bring happiness and can’t buy people’s love.

Dinner time: after they have finished their sport activities, family time, unwind time etc. they will prepare their dinner or occasionally dine out and treat themselves for a nice evening or they might have a chef preparing them a tasty dinner! They usually eat something light and healthy as it is not pleasant to go to bed with a full stomach. It will not just make you feel bloated, cause indigestion or heartburn but also it will affect the quality of your sleep. Best types of food to eat before going to sleep are avocado, eggs, nuts, banana, cottage cheese, edamame (aka soybeans), popcorn etc. Even if not all the wealthy successful people eat healthily, the majority of them like to have discipline in every area of their life and that includes in what they eat too.

Tv time, reading a book, having a bath, etc. Next what successful rich people do is a variety of things and they can all be done in any different order. Let me go through each of them down below and the benefits that they bring to your night routine:

  • Watching Tv for 1 hour-1.5 hours per night 1 or 2 hours before going to bed can actually be a way to wind-down and depending on what you are watching can also be educational. Although watching television has its own benefits it is crucial that we don’t spend too much time on it as that can lead to insomnia, it can affect a good night sleep and can also lead to health issues (obesity, back problems, bad posture etc.) Of course successful people are aware of that and they always make sure that they stick to their tv time which is allowed during the day. Every now and then even the healthiest and most disciplined people in the world like to break the rules but for the majority of their evening time they have a routine to follow.

  • Reading a book: reading is a powerful way to expand your knowledge and an amazing way to relax before you go to bed. I recall my mother reading every night when I was a little girl in bed before going to sleep and I could really see how much she was enjoying it. But now I know that it is one of the main keys to succeed in life and not just a way to unwind. Oprah Winfey (American talk show host, philanthropist, author and actress) says “ Reading is the strongest foundation for success. My first job was in Podcasting at the age of 16 years old and that was because I was a great reader. When you are a great reader you can articulate, speak and command the English language in ways that other people cannot and people think that you are a lot smarter than you are a lot of the time”. So always spare a little time in your day for reading and you’ll see the difference that it can make in your life.

  • Meditation before going to sleep: meditation promotes calmness in your mind and body and helps with anxiety and depression. Practising this discipline before going to bed can help with insomnia and helps to improve your sleep quality. But in order for mediation to really show its incredible benefits on our health and well-being it’s crucial that we breathe correctly. One of my favourites, Tao Porchon-Lynch who was a yoga master and author of French and Indian descent, in her book “ Reflections” she said “ Holding the breath, creating a gap in the smooth flow, can actually increase the tension in our muscles as well as the blood pressure”. So make sure that you inhale and exhale and don’t rush the mediation but instead enjoy and let it go. Since I have been doing that I also feel that my flexibility has improved considerably and I feel so much more relaxed and with a great inner feeling of happiness before going to bed. Lastly putting some oil diffuser on or lighting some incense can really bring a complete and amazing mediation experience. successful wealthy people such as Cameron Diaz have included meditation as part of their daily activities as that helps them to function and focus better in their job and has been proven to make people happier, more successful and productive.

  • Having a nice bath or shower: having the pleasure to have a lovely warm bath or shower with some candles and maybe playing a calm peaceful yoga music can really prepare you for a good night sleep. You could exfoliate and straight after the shower finishing your self-care spa time with moisturising your whole body. Check out the post “ How to have an amazing youthful looking skin”.

  • Write down your tasks for the next day: the secret for success is to be organised and have a schedule to follow and it is at the most importance that you stick to it. Making a to-do list for the next day is a good way to keep your mind fresh in the morning and reduce the chances for you to get stressed. But that doesn’t mean that billionaires never do their to-do list in the morning. Some rich people prepare their list of tasks straight after they wake up as in the morning your mind is clearer and sharper and ready to start the day. Personally I alternate and it depends how I feel.

If you are interested to find out more about rich people habits you might want to also check out “Morning routine habits of rich people”.

Switch off the media to unwind! Arianna Huffington, Greek-American author, is a great example of that as she starts her night routine by removing away from her bedroom all the electronic devices. In her book “ The sleep revolution” she emphasises on how little attention we give in the modern-day to sleep and how that can negatively affect our life.

Lastly one more thing to say “Good night and sweet dreams”

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