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Feel amazing: how to boost your immune system

Keeping your immune system strong especially during a pandemic is one of the most important goals in our present life. In order to achieve that, eating a healthy diet and keeping your body active are the most crucial positive habits that we need to include in our lifestyle. In this post you'll discover many foods and things you can do to boost your immune system and achieve a happier and healthier life. At the end of it, there's a special vegetarian/vegan smoothie which I particularly take to strengthen my immune system. If you have any other smoothies or recipes that you would like to share with the Life Branches Mc community please feel free to leave it in the comment down below

Eat Garlic everyday! Garlic fights bacteria and strengthens your immune system, it fights bad bacteria but does not eliminate the good one like drugstore antibiotics do. An ordinary cold can spread very fast as it is highly infective and garlic helps prevent to catch it. Garlic can reduce the chance of getting a cold by 63 % which would be a relief for all of us! Garlic also acts as a detox and it is especially beneficial for your liver as it contains vitamin A, B and C. If you happen to get up in the morning with bags under your eyes and very bad breath it means that your liver is struggling to get rid of toxins because it is overloaded. Garlic can be a miracle medicine to help the liver to keep healthy and to help it to clean your body efficiently by having radiant looking skin too.

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Being physically active may be beneficial in helping the body to flush out bacteria from the airways and lungs. That can help to fight coughs, colds and flu as your immune system will be much stronger and let me tell you that especially during a Pandemic that is an important factor! Even moderate activity such as light jogging, power walking, Pilates, yoga, golf or swimming can keep you fit enough to see the enormous benefits that they can bring to your health. Try them out and keep active!

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A daily intake of vitamin C has been proven for years to have been very beneficial to your body immune system and is one of the most powerful immune boosters of all. Just 1 to 2 grams a day can reduce the length of a cold which is not just annoying to have but also it shows that your immune system is weak. Especially during a Pandemic you want to keep your body in good shape by looking after every aspect of it. The reason why this vitamin is so potent in boosting your immune system is because it encourages the production of white blood cells which protects the body against infection. Vegetables and fruit which are high in Vitamin C are orange, papaya, lemon, broccoli, kale, spinach etc. So start your day by adding an orange or papaya smoothie to your breakfast is a way to show that you care about your body by giving the nutrients needed for the day.

Get adequate rest! During a good night sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines which help promote sleep, so it’s crucial that your body gets a good seven-eight hour rest per night to fight off infectious diseases. Don't forget that you'll also feel happier and you'll be more productive during the day.

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Wash your hands! There has always been a bit of confusion on if washing our hands is actually a good thing or not. Not washing your hands can make us stronger in fighting germs but not washing them can bring some serious health issues, especially during a pandemic. Avoiding hand washing can spread bacteria and viruses which can be harmful especially for young children, elderly and people who have got underlying problems. It can bring respiratory and gastrointestinal infections which are better to be prevented than fought.

My special smoothie recipe 🧡 😉 :

Ingredients needed for vegans: brown sugar or white sugar, papaya, soya milk

Ingredients needed for vegetarians: honey or sugar, papaya and cow’s milk

Recipe for two people: Cut a papaya in half (if it is a big one) and take half of it. Remove all the seeds but be careful not to take the flesh as that will make the smoothie thicker and creamer. When you get close to the skin don't cut anymore papaya as the skin can be bitter and not nice for a smoothie. Add the papaya into a blender, add milk (soya or cow's) and two spoonful of sugar or honey and blend. Make sure that there are no bits and that the smoothie looks creamy.

Pour into a glass, add a recyclable straw if you prefer and enjoy!!

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